phpBB Customization

php Customization by Blue Hand Web Design.  php Customization is one of the strongest and most light-weight web forum platforms. php Customization is an open source software that allows you to fully customize and manage an entire web forum. This Internet forum package provides you a fully customizable and unique forum to establish a competitive edge over other online forums in your industry. With database support of MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Firebird, Open Link Virtuoso and Microsoft SQL Server, phpBB offers excellent integration acros all platforms you currently use.

phpBB also extends customizable designs for the User Control Panel, Admin Control Panel and Moderator Control Panel. The easy to use interface comes with lots of modifications and styles to make your forum feel like home to you.

MODs are simply modifications of the code that are designed to enhance the overall functionalities of the forum inside phpBB. Additional modification options available in phpBB include:

  • MODX – is an XML-based format that simply illustrates the steps in modifying the web application when installing various code modifications
  • AutoMOD – an easy tool to use that automatically installs the code modifications. This determines the MOD instructions and will make the necessary changes in the files to accomplish the coding changes.
  • UMIL – a Unified MOD Installation that is used to install or uninstall database side MODs easily.

phpBB contains many features that are able to be added, removed or modified rather simply with the modification scripts discussed above. Some of these features include:

  • Forum management
  • Notification options
  • Robust Themes
  • Plug-ins
  • Full-text search
  • Unlimited sub-forums
  • Hierarchical sub forums
  • Internationalization support
  • Flat message structure
  • Multiple attachments per post
  • Custom-Defined Bulletin Board Code
  • Permissions system
  • User Preferences

Blue Hand’s team of experienced PHP developers can fully modify the phpBB forum and customize the template per your unique and creative vision. phpBB forums can become uniquely yours and can be created to match the look and feel of your main website. Being an easy to use interface, forum users are highly attracted to phpBB forums to ensure high quality traffic to your forum site.