CodeIgniter Framework Development

CodeIgniter 4 allows web developers to create dynamic websites and web applications offering extensive features by using PHP. It is an open source WAF (web application framework) that is based off the MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework for development.

CodeIgniter contains an extensive set of libraries with templated codes; this allows developers to build web projects much faster than if they had to write each line of code entirely from scratch. The structure offered by CodeIgniter provides a simple interface for web developers to access the code libraries. Overall, CodeIgniter development is the least time consuming PHP development process, allowing your website and web applications to be designed and developed quicker than ever.

Some of CodeIgniter’s features include:

  • Small footprint
  • Large libraries of code
  • Variety of database support with full featured database classes
  • Lightweight development
  • Increased performance
  • Vast compatibility across devices
  • Extensive documentation, made clear and concise
  • No configuration
  • Zero restricted coding rules
  • Complex solutions made simple
  • URLs made search engine friendly

Blue Hand Web Design has a team of developers that are experts in utilizing CodeIgniter to create websites and web applications. The CodeIgniter websites we provide are extremely secure, preventing vicious attacks by hackers.

In addition to the built-in code libraries contained in CodeIgniter, Blue Hand also creates additional libraries that enable plugin integration along with various payment gateways and other third-party tools.

By using the HMVC (Hierarchical model-view-controller) to develop websites, we offer our clients extremely fast loading speed for their websites and web applications. We offer additional features and components to compliment the websites we develop including email campaigns and RSS feed integration to further syndicate additional web content. Blue Hand prides ourselves in ensuring the websites we develop will enhance our clients’ business and marketing activities and ultimately provide a high return on investment.