Email Templates

Email has become the essential communication tool for any business and is fast replacing the need for direct mail entirely. Therefore, it is critical to have a well branded email marketing campaign. Keep this in mind:

  • Your email messages must be compatible with various user devices and screen sizes.
  • Your email must be engaging and capture the reader’s full attention.

Thus, it is so important to focus on designing beautiful and quality email campaigns that you send to your clients to build your book of prospects and leads. However, in being an extremely busy business professional, it wastes a lot of time constantly designing and writing new emails each time you want to send an email campaign.

Blue Hand is here to help. We know how to position your brand in an email template that you can constantly interchange various design elements and content components to suit each individual campaign. The email templates designed by Blue Hand Web Design ensure a more professional look and feel for your business communication efforts.

Benefits of using a professionally designed email template:

  • Consistent branding and messaging
  • Flexible integration of additional content and graphic elements
  • Engaging visuals to attract your audience
  • Low Maintenance in comparison to individually creating an email theme for each campaign
  • Professional branding to enhance your business communication

Blue Hand Web Designer’s email theme developers design beautiful email templates in direct coordination with your company’s other branding efforts, message and mission. Included in the email theme are elements such as your company name, logo, website address, color palate and contact details. We integrate a layout and design based on your company’s needs and business goals.

By using our custom designed email themes, you will be able to send text and HTML emails quickly and with great simplicity. We design and develop email themes that are compatible with various email systems such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook.