Electronic Brochure

The cost of designing, printing and distributing full-colored, high quality brochures has been rising each year. Alternatively, many companyes prefer to distribute information via email. Therefore, Electronic Brochures or e-brochures have been rising in popularity significantly. These e-brochures tremendously cut down on overally marketing expenses, especially in terms of distribution.

An e-brochure is a creative and engaging medium for your online marketing efforts. Generally, it includes a company video, 2D/3D animations, product images and details, corporate information, company logo, potential voice over or music, graphic artwork, additional text information. This information is then delivered electronically to your targeted audiences.

The e-brochure allows you to deliver marketing information about your products and services at a significantly lower cost than the typical print communication mediums. Your target audience can easily access and read the marketing materials delivered from anywhere in the world! E-brochures are commonly viewed on nearly all major computers, smartphones and tablet devices.

E-brochures are commonly used for:

  • Product Catalogs
  • Online Instructional Manuals
  • Business Promotional Newsletters
  • Marketing Newsletters
  • Portfolio Showcase
  • Company Information
  • Trade show Informationals
  • Photo Albums

Blue Hand Web Design wil get you started in designing and developing your e-brochures that will capture the attention of your target audience in this multimedia driven universe. Our team of multimedia professionals can design e-brochures in formats including PowerPoint, PDF, Flash, InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. The e-brochures we deliver are designed to portray your message and mission clearly and concisely while also providing sufficient information on the various products and services your company provides. Maintain a competitive edge in your industry with an e-brochure.

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