Customised web 2.0 Applications

Web 2.0 applications have brought about a complete revolution of the IT industry that has truly affected various individuals in the industry as well as organizations as a whole. Affected, but not limited to has been the methods and techniques of website design, software architecture and other IT business models. Blue Hand Web Design specializes in web 2.0 apps development by blending technology and other social trends in an effort to create a totally different and new class of solutions for the web. As a successful web 2.0 application development company in Florida, Blue Hand offers web 2.0 applications that feature:

  • Next generation portals
  • Composite applications
  • Internet applications
  • Social networking
  • User generated content development
  • Enterprise mashups
  • HTML5 and CSS3

Web 2.0 site development efforts for businesses are enhanced by integrating Blue Hand Web Design as we offer full support in working with our clients to achieve their business goals. By properly planning the strategic decisions of web 2.0 integration, we work with our clients and guide them through the web 2.0 development process that will enable them to reap the many benefits of furhter advanced technology into their business. Our professionally trained experts are ingenious developers and designers who maximize the usage of web 2.0 applications including RSS, client and server side software, XHTML, applets, web protocols, web services, Active X controls, HTML5 and CSS3 and more. In addition to the existing functionalities, Blue Hand offers seamless integration of many other advanced features into the client’s existing web system so that the web 2.0 application becomes an opportunity for the organization to grow as a whole.

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