Magento Development

Magento is one of the most popular, open source e-commerce solutions with a very large community of users offering support and assistance. With a vast variety of themes, tools and other built-in options to support the development of e-commerce websites, Magento is a great solution for businesses of all sizes — from the small mom-and-pop shop to multinational enterprise organizations.

Magento e-commerce uses Zend Framework which is an open source web application framework implemented with PHP 5 that stores its data in the EAV (entity-attribute-value) database. By using this, the Magento system allows e-commerce websites greater flexibility and compatibility through the platforms desired.

Some features of Magento include multiple payment options, currency converters, multi-lingual support, a dynamic carting solution, multi-warehouse and multi-store management. Magento can assist your business in many additional facets that other e-commerce solutions cannot including payment, shipping, retailing and more.

Why Magento is right for your business?

  • Easy to use back-end and front-end interfaces
  • Extensive customization
  • Grand website functionalities
  • Most flexible of e-commerce tools
  • Uses the latest web technologies
  • SEO friendly websites URLs

Blue Hand’s experienced Magento developers have a great grasp on the vast functionalities Magento offers and are very proficient at designing and developing e-commerce solutions for our clients based on the client’s individual business needs and goals. Our developers also create various extensions for the e-commerce solutions in order to fully encompass deeper functionalities that may be necessary for the client’s online shopping cart.

Aside from the built-in functionalities of Magento, Blue Hand can incorporate additional payment and shipping methods to the websites based on the client’s requirements. Promotions and coupon codes can be easily integrated to attract the end-consumer in ultimately placing more orders in the online marketplace. Various manufacturer attributes can enable our clients to facilitate shipping method options based on the manufacturer of the product.

Blue Hand Web Design offers fully loaded e-commerce websites packed with features, extensions and design elements to enhance their online business presence and ultimately increase sales. Blue Hand also offers e-commerce website solutions for the mobile device as an additional feature to the Magento sites developed. With today’s marketplace, it is critical to adapt to the way your end-consumers are shopping and be ever-present on any device they are utilizing.

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