Make every call your most important call.

Now, you won’t need a dedicated employee to answer your company’s phones. Since it’s hosted in the cloud, Virtual Receptionist requires no expensive equipment to purchase and it’s available wherever you are.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Transfer Calls Anywhere: Transfer calls to employees with direct 10-digit dialing to an alternate number, including mobile numbers.
  • Online Management: Just go to CbeyondOnline™ to make adjustments to your Virtual Receptionist greeting, menu options, directory or schedule at any time to create a personalized message that is unique to your company.
  • Automatic Answering: You won’t miss another important call when your office is closed or you and your staff are busy with other customers.
  • Audio Upload: Upload a recorded audio file right from your computer. Virtual Receptionist accepts several audio formats including .wav and .mp3 file formats.
  • Company Directory: Easy-to-navigate directory allows callers to dial your employees by name.
  • Save Time: Set up Virtual Receptionist to answer common questions such as your hours of operation or directions to your business.
  • No Hold Times: Offer better customer service by empowering your customers to self-navigate to the information they need or to the person they need to speak to without waiting in queue during peak call times.
  • Cloud Based Solution: With Cbeyond’s Virtual Receptionist, there is no expensive equipment to buy or maintain and you can access it from anywhere.
  • Easy to customize: Use Virtual Receptionist to create up to two main menus – one for when you’re open and another for when your office is closed.