Conduct business coast to coast with toll-free service.

TotalVoice from Cbeyond includes three toll-free numbers, making it easy and affordable to conduct business nationwide. We can order new toll-free numbers for you or you can move your existing numbers to our network.

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  • Features and Benefits:

    • Interstate and intrastate callers use a toll-free number that’s linked to an existing local telephone number
    • Additional toll-free minute blocks are available
    • Enhanced toll-free services
    Standard Toll-Free
    • Three toll-free numbers are included with each TotalVoice package
    • Incoming toll-free calls are charged against your monthly-pooled minutes
    • Additional discounted toll-free and outbound long distance minute blocks are available
    • List your toll-free number in a national directory
    • Order new toll-free numbers or move your existing numbers
    Enhanced Toll-Free
    • Block unwanted incoming calls based on their origin (for example, pay phones or correctional institutes)
    • Block unwanted calls based on 3-digit, 6-digit or 10-digit Caller ID
    • Route calls based on volume percentages, time of day, day of the week, telephone line type, or the 3-digit, 6-digit or 10-digit Caller ID
    • List your toll-free number in a national directory