The right VoIP for your business.

Cbeyond offers a full suite of VoIP for business with SIPconnect to give your employees and customers the IP phone and data services they need to do business efficiently.

Cbeyond led the way in developing a SIP trunking solution and becoming SIPconnect compliant. Now our innovative platform for VoIP for business assures you the flexibility of an upgraded phone system while saving you the cost of additional legacy phones.

With either TotalVoice package, you get up to 200 DID (Direct Inward Dials) and one Personal Call Assistant subscription.

Only Cbeyond offers built-in business-grade analog ports for fax machines, analog modem credit card readers and other devices which would otherwise require expensive analog gateways.

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Features and Benefits:

  • DIDs, or Direct Inward Dial numbers
  • Personal Call Assistant Local Feature Set
  • Simultaneous Ring rings multiple phones at once
  • Sequential Ring rings a series of phones sequentially
  • Remote Office gives access while working away from the office
  • Selective Acceptance and Selective Rejection accepts or rejects calls based on customizable pre-defined criteria, such as phone number and time of day and/or week
  • Anonymous Rejection prevents calls when a number is not identified Do Not Disturb treats all calls as “busy” or routes them according to call forwarding settings
  • Let callers connect directly with an employee without going through a receptionist with DIDs
  • IP telephony bypasses traditional gateways, saving equipment costs
  • With 100% end-to-end IP connectivity, you avoid legacy gateway latency – improving overall voice quality
  • Rich feature support, including automatic call forwarding in the unlikely event of communication loss with the premise-based phone system
  • Optimizing your employee incoming and outgoing call capabilities