Responsive Web Design


Responsive Web Design

One of the latest web design technologies available on the market is Responsive Web Design or RWD. This approach allows you to create a website with an optimal viewing experience for your users across all devices ranging from mobile devices to desktop PCs. RWD allows users to navigate your website with ease across any screen size or device they are browsing with and eliminates the need for constant scrolling, resizing and panning of the web pages.

Responsive Web Design is developed to automatically adjust image sizes, screen resolution and the website’s scripting abilities so the user is provided with a seamless viewing experience when using different devices of various sizes.

The three key technical features of Responsive Web Design are:

Media queries: RWD allows the website to use a variety of CSS rules consistent with the vast capabilities of the device being used. It automatically adjusts the size of the website, screen resolution, color depth and the aspect ratio.

Fluid or liquid layout: All page element sizes and widths are defined in terms of percentages. Thus, when a layout is stretched over a wide-screen or condensed to fit in a small screen, the elements defined in the layout will be automatically resized based on the size of the screen.

Flexible images: This allos images to be set with a maximum display width. This enables images to be resized based on the screen sizes of the devices and browsers used to view the website.

Today’s marketplace requires websites to be fully optmized for mobile and tablet devices, thus Blue Hand Web Design has been integrating Responsive Web Design techniques in every website we develop. This enables our clients to have customized mobile websites that will overall enhance their customers’ experience with the company’s online presence.

Blue Hand’s team of expert web developers employs HTML5/CSS3 solutions. We provide our clients with smart websites that respond to the devices being used and enable the end users enhanced viewing capability anytime, anywhere.

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