Mobile Website Development


Mobile Website Development

Blue Hand Web Design offers Mobile Website Development in order to help your business reach your clients while they’re on the move. In today’s marketplace, consumers are using their mobile devices more than ever in order to connect with various companies they do business with. Mobile Solutions are on the rise including but not limited to mobile banking, mobile ticket booking, mobile TV and more! Blue Hand is comprised of a passionate team of developers who design beautiful websites and mobile websites based on the clients’ specific business needs and goals. It is critical for companies to regularly update their mobile sites with quality content and enhanced features. Blue Hand Web Design offers Custom Mobile Website Design which is one of the simplest methods in creating a custom mobile website and in keeping it updated as time progresses. We offer the following solutions to our clients:

  • JQuery Based Mobile Web Development
  • HTML5 Based Web Development
  • Sencha Based Web Development

Mobile Website Development

Businesses without mobile websites will soon see themselves falling farther behind their competitors as in today’s marketplace, consumers are becoming more accustomed to completing business transactions from their mobile device. Now is the time to ensure your website is compatible across all devices. Why? Because…

  • In 2013, there were more smartphones in the United States than PCs
  • Over 70% of Americans are using smartphones
  • Over 14% of smartphones users find restaurants through their mobile phones
  • iPhone users spend over 55% of their time on web based applications
  • 500 million people don’t have access to a PC but use a phone

Mobile share of web traffic

2010 2012 increase 2010-2012
Africa 5.81% 14.85% 155.59%
Asia 6.1% 17.84% 192.46%
Europe 1.81% 5.13% 183.43%
North America 4.71% 7.96% 69.00%
Oceania 2.88% 7.55% 162.15%
South America 1.46% 2.86% 95.89%
Worldwide 3.81% 10.01% 162.73%

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