jQuery Mobile Development


jQuery Mobile Development

jQuery Mobile is a web framework optimized by touch capabilities and is also known as a JavaScript library. This particular framework is typically used to build websites compatible with a wide variety of smartphone and tablet devices. jQuery Mobile also supports other platforms such as Worklight, PhoneGap, etc.

jQuery Mobile enables you to design and develop one single website or application that will perform well on nearly all smartphone and tablet devices. This eliminates the need for developing specific applications for each individual mobile system or operation system.

Many advanced technologies are applied in jQuery development in devices that use CSS and JavaScript that convert the webpage to enable an interactive user-experience that displays jQuery and CSS elements.

jQuery Mobile Development
Some of the major benefits of jQuery include:

    • Compatibility: jQuery is highly compatible across the major mobile and desktop platforms including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iOS, Android, Firefox Mobile and desktop browsers.
    • Accessibility: jQuery offers support for WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications) which is a feature to enable web application and content more accessible to disabled users with conditions such as blindness.
    • Lightweight: jQuery is comprised of a lightweight codebase to enhance the speed of websites.
    • HTML5 Markup-driven configuration: This requires less scripting and ultimately results in quick development and launch of websites.
    • Ajax-powered navigation: The Ajax-powered navigation and page transitions allow for clean URLs via pushState.
    • Data-role attributes: These are used to automatically initialize the jQuery Mobile widgets.
    • UI widgets: This facilitates the touch-optimized controls that are native of jQuery.
    • Theme Framework: Custom themes can be developed with ease.

Blue Hand offers unique, creative and intensely branded mobile websites for the clients we serve. Our websites are fully optmized to ensure they display beautifully on web-enabled mobile devices and tablets. We are constantly developing new themes and powerful modules for websites that enhance the browser’s visual and functional display of the websites.

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