Fiber & Metro Ethernet

Fiber & Metro Ethernet

Cbeyond’s network service gives your business a high-speed Internet connection that’s always available, symmetric (equal upload and download speeds) and can support multiple users with just a single connection.

So you can grow your business and add employees without worrying about outgrowing your technology. You’ll notice a dramatic difference in how much faster you can send and receive email, upload and download files or use the Web.

Metro Ethernet network access delivers a secure and affordable, high-bandwidth connection to unify business communications and cloud applications. Both Fiber and Ethernet-in the First –Mile (EFM) delivery methods support voice, data, video conferencing, remote access and IP applications.

Fiber-based access is high-speed optic fiber employed by Cbeyond’s TotalNetwork® to provide a secure, always available network for our cloud and communications services.

  • Provides from 10 Mbps up to 1 Gbps
  • Fiber is more reliable as it is immune to electromagnetic interference from other sources
  • More secure than copper-based access as there are no radiated magnetic fields

Ethernet-in-the-First Mile (EFM) bonds multiple copper phone lines using sophisticated electronics for reliable high bandwidth delivery.

  • Provides from 6 Mbps up to 100 Mbps (depending on number of copper pairs)
  • Enables faster rollout of high bandwidth cloud and communication services
  • Provides rapid delivery of service for building tenants

Cbeyond’s Near Net fiber initiative further extends our Gigabit-per-second fiber reach of high-speed bandwidth directly in response to customer demand.

  • Now available for buildings in close proximity to Cbeyond’s fiber rings
  • Extends Cbeyond’s commitment to providing high-speed broadband to Small and Mid-sized Businesses
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