BootStrap is one of the latest in web design technologies and can be used for developing both websites and web applications. Consisting of CSS and HTML based design elements, BootStrap is a toolkit that enables you to create beautiful web interface components including Navigation, Typography, Forms, Layouts, Alerts, Tables, Buttons, etc.

BootStrap is created especially for modern browsers and is used for viewing websites and web applications in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

Responsive design is also supported in BootStrap, meaning the overall graphic design of the web pages is adjusted automatically based various device characteristics such as screen size, screen resolution, etc.


Why should you use BootStrap?

  • BootStrap is built with a flexible pre-processor and thus offers greater power and enhanced flexibility compared to regular CSS.
  • BootStrap is simple to install and implement.
  • BootStrap is lighter than many other development platforms and minimizes excess JavaScript and Flash elements.

Blue Hand Web Design has an expert team of web developers specializing in responsive website design for our various clients. BootStrap has enhanced our own productivity and solution delivery, therefore we continue to use BootStrap in deliverying responsive solutions to our clients to ensure their website works on any device of any shape and size.

In today’s environment, it is crucial to have a website that is designed in a responsive platform to ensure compatible viewing across all devices and systems. Is your website responsive? Stay ahead of your competitors and call us today for a consultation.

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