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Responsive (re*spon*sive) reacting or replying quickly or
favorably based on the device used to view your content.

Mobile Application
Development Across
Multiple Platforms

Experts in cross platform mobile application development

Convert your business processes into a profitable mobile
application suiting to different platforms with us. We build
innovative apps ingeniously at low development costs
with high quality expeditiously.

Social Media Marketing

We are experts at social media, so we keep up with trends and technology.
We understand hashtags, memes, mash-ups and microblogging - so you don’t have to.
We make sure your social media feeds are buzzing with activity that’s positive for your
business all week, every week. We try to keep it fun (if appropriate) while informing people
about your products or services and promoting your business.

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  • Web Application Development

    Blue Hand Web Design has been serving national and international businesses across all industries with web services extending beyond the norm. Keeping up to date with the latest technologies, we will work with you to find a solution right for your business.

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  • Mobile Website Development

    People are on the move now more than ever and are constantly connected to their mobile devices. Make sure your website is up to date with the latest in mobile technologies. Blue Hand will help ensure the highest level of mobile compatibility. Don’t miss the wave of the NOW and the FUTURE.

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  • Responsive Web Design

    Responsive web design is the design of today and tomorrow. Responsiveness means that your website will adjust and adapt to the various devices and screen sizes your website is displayed on. With thousands of variations, it is critical to integrate HTML5, CSS3 and JQUERY into your design.

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  • Augmented Reality Development

    Augmented Reality Development will fast forward your business or enterprise into the next generation of  interactivity.  From turning a simple business card into an infomercial for your brand or service, to the most elaborate 2D and 3D models, gaming modules, interactive videos and animations!

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Blue Hand Web Design ­ Florida’s Professional Web Design and Development Company

A South Florida Web Design Company, Blue Hand Web Design is the premiere Web Design and Development Company in Boca Raton, Florida and offers high quality, innovative technology solutions for your business. We have served clients across the globe and continue to provide Web Application Development, Mobile Website and Application Development services to a variety of companies across all industries. From Realty to Dermatology, Blue Hand Web Design takes the addtional approach to learn about your business and discover your goals to provide you with a unique solution that will help achieve those goals. Blue Hand Web Design offers Multimedia Solutions, Internet Marketing Services and Graphic Design Services in addition to our variety of Web and Hosting Solutions.

Blue Hand stays ahead of the curve in terms of web technologies and the latest solutions. Our technology integrations surpass our clients’ expectations time and time again with careful analysis and understanding of your business and industry.

Long lasting relationships are key to our company and we will continue to advance and integrate faster and better web and mobile solutions to our clients.

Why Blue Hand Web Design?

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Since 1994, we have been providing education to clients that are looking to maximize their online presence.  We take you through the entire development process to ensure you get the most from the experience.

  • Long-term and Trusted Client Support

    Building a website is not a “set-and-forget” project.  As technologies evolve, your company evolves, and your clients expectations evolve, and so must your website.  We love to continue working with client long after the initial launch of their website.

  • A Completed Web Design and Web Development Project

    We understand that we are the professionals when it comes to design and development.  That’s why we offer additional support for logo design, content writing, blog posting, video creation and editing…etc.  So don’t worry…. your site will launch on time!

  • Web Technologies and Beyond

    You can imagine just how technology has advanced since notepad was the only tool available to develop websites.  Blue Hand Web Design takes full advantage of the latest technologies that ensure your site is state of the art.

  • Experienced and Dedicated Team

    With over 20 years in web technology experience, our dedicated team and staff is here to continually serve our communities and beyond with excellent customer service. We are dedicated to becoming a true business partner, further offering assistance in other areas of your business as requested and needed.

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